Orion's Belt Media offers high end video productions with an unmatched attention to detail. From start to finish, our experienced creators can walk you through the entire process of making videos that you can be proud of and excited about. Whether you're seeking to create a series of informationals to distribute across the web, your own internal training programs for employees, or just looking to share your company's vision with the rest of the world, Orion's Belt Media can help you to bring your concept to light.

With a fully featured recording studio at our disposal, Orion's Belt Media is capable of writing and recording high quality music, foley, and voice-over work for any need. Over two decades of work in the recording industry gives us the ability to offer audio tracks of unparalleled quality, tailored to meet the exact specifications of your project.

It's not just a flyer or a brochure, it's an investment in the future of your vision. At Orion's Belt Media, we work with your goals to make your digital and print designs come to life in a way that is uniquely your own. From the colors and typography down to making sure the correct words sit on the page, every detail gets the VIP treatment.


About Us

Emma enjoys spending her time knitting and screen printing t-shirts. When she's not running her Etsy store she also enjoys making videos with her husband, Caleb. Together the Orions create fresh and effortless designs. Whether you are looking for a music video or a banner or to make an album, Emma and Caleb work collectively to make your vision come to life.

If Caleb's not in the studio composing music or tucked away writing, he's working with his wife, Emma, on creating new experiences. Whether it's through the form of moving pictures, sounds, or other mediums, the pair offer their passion and enthusiasm to act as an outlet for anyone's creative needs.